Milano Non-iron shirt

Light blue
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A perfect Non-iron shirt?

High quality cotton spun around a unique polyester fiber ensures a comfortable breathable shirt that stays sharp all day. You can put the shirt on directly from the clothesline, and your body heat is your iron. Put it on and 5 minutes later, you and the shirt are razor sharp.

The shirt's combined materials and composition ensure that the shirt retains its quality and color better than any other shirt. It does not contain any chemical coating of any kind.

We have 2 designs. A casual model with button-down collar, and a more formal business shirt with semi cut-away collar.

In the business version we also have 2 fits. Milan is our slim fit model and Naples is our regular fit shirt.

Material: 70% cotton, 30% polyester

- Slim fit

- Max 40 ° C

- Clean P

- Wash with similar colors

- No bleach