Terms and Conditions

Schormand Group ApS, cvr 39388782
Willemoesgade 29 kld, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

These terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from Schormand Group ApS (hereinafter "Schormand" or "we"), unless otherwise agreed in writing between you as buyer / customer and Schormand.

We make reservations for typing and typing errors, as well as discontinued items. Also, be aware that it may be difficult to reproduce colors 100% correctly on images. For special products, due to needlework and other exclusive manufacturing methods, they may vary in expression and degree of patination during use.

Payment of goods
With Schormand, you have the option of paying with national and international payment cards or by bank transfer to the following account: Sparekassen Vendsyssel, reg: 9070, account: 1628400470. Remember to indicate the order number on the shipment.

We deduct the full amount at the beginning of the order. We consider the order to have started when the order is sent electronically to our online store / factory. All amounts on the website are stated including Danish VAT of 25%, but excluding any shipping / postage.

Delivery time is in most cases between 2-3 days and up to 6 weeks depending on the content of the order.
Shipping is paid separately when ordering unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Schormand takes care of the delivery of your goods with Post Danmark or other freight service. 

Right of withdrawal / Exchange
In accordance with the Act on Consumer Protection in Distance Trading and Home Sales Agreements, the consumer has, as a general rule, a right of withdrawal, cf. (§ 13). According to (§ 14, 3 p.), However, the main rule does not apply to goods which are specially produced and which due to their nature cannot be returned. The exception to the main rule therefore applies to the purchase of Schormand's tailor-made or tailor-made suits, shirts and other specially produced products.

As far as other products are concerned, the main rule applies and the consumer has the right to cancel his agreement by notifying Schormand, and return the product to this no later than 14 days after receipt thereof. The right of withdrawal with regard to non-specially produced products is exercised by Schormand Group ApS, Birkebakken 10, 2840 Holte. In any case, it is a condition for crediting returned goods that they are current, in undamaged condition and in original unbroken packaging.

The customer pays the return shipping and the customer is responsible for the item reaching us in a safe and salable condition. The customer can of course also return the item in our physical store located at Willemoesgade 29 kld, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Notwithstanding the above, however, there is a full right of exchange and Schormand pays return shipping if: The color, pattern, model or size does not match the selected / ordered.

When purchasing tailor-made or other adaptation of the product, it must be expected that an adjustment of the individual product can take place. This cannot, by its nature, be seen as a right of withdrawal.

Credits are not paid, but can be exchanged for other goods. Credit notes cannot be used on our webshop.

Gift Card
Gift certificates are valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Gift cards are not paid for in cash. Gift cards cannot be used on our webshop.

Schormand provides a 2-year right of complaint in accordance with the Danish Sale of Goods Act, covering manufacturing and material defects that are found during normal use of the product. The right of complaint does not cover defects, damage or wear and tear, directly or indirectly caused as a result of incorrect operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized interventions. Complaints about defects and deficiencies that should be discovered during the usual inspection of the product must be notified to Schormand within a reasonable time. The item can subsequently be returned for repair or replacement by agreement with Schormand.

Personal data
The personal information that you enter during a purchase is used for order processing and future contact between the customer and Schormand. This information is treated confidentially by Schormand and is not disclosed to others.

All measurement profiles are Schormand's property and cannot be handed over for other use.

All personal information is stored for up to 10 years, to facilitate a renewed trade and for the sake of investigation of any. fraud.

The risk to the goods
The risk for goods purchased from Schormand passes to the customer as a consumer at the time of delivery.

The customer can cancel the purchase if there is a significant default. For cancellation due to deficiencies, it is a condition that the deficiencies have not been remedied within a reasonable time. If defects have not been remedied within a reasonable time, it is also a condition for cancellation that the customer submits a claim with a deadline for remedy of 10 working days - and if this has taken place before the deadline expires, the default lapses, as does the defaulting party. no compensation can be demanded in connection with the default - from which it appears that the Customer will cancel the purchase if remediation has not been completed before the deadline.

It is considered a material breach if a party goes bankrupt (unless the bankruptcy estate does not indicate on the basis of a written request without undue delay that the estate enters into the Benefit), if a party enters into a moratorium or opens negotiations on composition, or if there is significant otherwise deteriorating economic conditions, which jeopardize the proper performance of the Service.

The provision to issue a claim with 10 working days to rectify also applies if a party wishes to apply a default effect other than cancellation of the purchase, as the default effect lapses if the defaulting party corrects itself before the said 10-working day deadline.

When remedying deficiencies, the aim is that the deficiencies can be remedied from Schormand's address, so that remediation can take place via electronic remote connection. If remediation is to take place at the customer's address, this is done at no cost to the customer.

The customer agrees that Schormand is not liable to the customer for losses incurred, insofar as the liability is due to matters beyond Schormand's control, and which Schormand should not reasonably have taken into account at the time of the purchase, nor should have avoided or overcome.

Schormand is not liable for indirect losses or consequential damages such as operating losses, profit losses, loss of data or costs in connection with its restoration, loss of goodwill and the like.

Schormand's liability in all cases is limited to 25% of the price of the order in question, which the Customer has paid. Regardless of the size of the Customer's payment, the total liability is, however, maximized in amount to DKK 5.000. No responsibility for data security is assumed during transmission via the Internet.

Notwithstanding the provisions just mentioned, the right to compensation for any documented loss does not lapse. The purchase is subject to Danish law, and the language of the contract is Danish.

Any disputes are dealt with in accordance with the general applicable jurisdiction provisions in Danish law.

Force majeure
Neither Schormand nor the customer shall, under this contract, be held liable to any other party in respect of matters beyond the control of the party which the party should not have taken into account at the conclusion of the purchase nor should it have avoided or overcome , or for losses arising from exceptional circumstances which prevent, impede or increase the cost of performance of the contract, if these occur after the offer is made and are beyond Schormand's control, including: labor disputes (strikes and lockouts), arson, war, rebellion, internal unrest, weather and natural disasters, currency restrictions, public seizure, import or export bans, disruption of public transport, including energy supply, significant price and / or tax increases, currency fluctuations, production and supply difficulties due to non-reprehensible conditions as well as the occurrence of force majure and / or hard ship with relevant e subcontractors.

Conditions with a subcontractor are only considered force majeure if there is an obstacle from the subcontractor that is covered by the first sentence and which Schormand should not have avoided or overcome.

Force majeure in the event of a delay may not be enforced for a maximum of the number of working days that the force majeure situation lasts. If a deadline for Schormand is postponed due to force majeure, the payments associated with it will be postponed accordingly.

Force majeure can only be invoked if the party in question has given written notice to the other party within 10 working days after the force majeure situation has occurred.

The party not affected by the force majeure situation is entitled to cancel the purchase if the takeover date is exceeded by 60 working days as a result of force majeure. In the event of such cancellation, both parties shall return as soon as possible what they have received from the other party, and thereafter no further claims exist between the parties.

Product liability
Schormand is liable for product liability and / or is responsible for Schormand in accordance with the provisions of Danish law on product liability. The Customer must immediately notify Schormand if a third party asserts product liability to the Customer. To the extent that nothing else follows from mandatory rules, Schormand is not liable for operating losses, profit losses or other indirect losses.

If Schormand is sued by a third party in connection with product liability, the Customer agrees to be able to be sued during the case or sued in the court or arbitral tribunal that hears the case.

General provisions
Schormand is entitled to include the customer on publicly available reference lists, if the Customer specifically gives permission to do so.

Schormand is entitled to continuously and without notice update and change these terms and conditions.

Current version updated October 17, 2018