Our raw materials, production & quality

We primarily use 4 Italian wool suppliers, all of which belong to the absolute highest of the quality scale. Italian wool for suits is widely recognized as being the best available on the market. In our choice of design, we weight the classic and timeless look higher than the desire to chase transient trends. We are your sure choice on suits. You can read more about our suppliers here:





Most of our suits come in a so-called super-quality. A super number on a suit is the industry's own quality measure of wool. The number is an expression of how thin the wool fibers in the fabric are. The higher the number, the thinner the fibers and thus the finer the fabric. The finer the fabric, the more superior finish, flexibility and comfort. A Schormand suit is available in wool from Super120s to Super150s, where you have an optimal balance between elegance, comfort and durability.

We only produce our collection in Europe. The quality is generally better because knowledge about the production of suits in particular is greater than elsewhere. It has simply been inherited for generations. Moreover, and at least as important, it is easy for us to visit our producers, where we, among other things. also keep an eye on whether they live up to the rules of sustainable textile production. Last but not least, we also know for sure that what we order is produced under proper conditions! It is i.a. a widespread problem with production in the East.

It depends a lot on how you use it and how well you take care of it. There are many tips and guidelines for maintaining your suit. The best we can give is to use common sense. When you buy a Schormand suit, you are buying some of the finest wool that is on the market. It looks great and feels really delicious. Conversely, you can not treat it like your jeans and hoodies either. If the accident is out and something happens to your suit, we always talk about the cause and find a solution.

Schormand concept

We wish you get the right feeling when you use our suits! A suit must fit properly. Fortunately, we are put together differently, which is why we always fit our suits on you. We make sure the suit comes to the tailor and it is craftsmanship you can rely on. When you get the suit, it fits you perfectly. We know how important all the details are. Even an inch can make a big difference! The difference from Schormand and many other suit suppliers is that we have the tailoring work included in the price. That's why we promise you a perfectly snug Schormand suit at the best price on the market!

While you try on your chosen suit, we come up with our recommendations for the perfect fit for you. We naturally listen to your wishes, and together we will find the best solution for you. We typically ask the tailor to change the length of the trousers and jacket sleeves, the width and / or length of the jacket, the waist or seat of the trousers, the width of the trouser legs, etc. All the small details that make the suit completely your own - and at the best price on the market .

It is very simple. If you find a similar tailored suit at another supplier at a lower price *, we will match the price and give you a shirt on top of the deal. Typically, a tailor-made fit on a suit according to our standard costs approx. 750 to DKK 1.000. You do not have that cost with Schormand.

* We match the price (not sales and special offers) on comparable suits incl. tailor purchases

The first thing to look for is whether there is polyester in the suit. Polyester is plastic, and thus cheaper than real wool, and it provides poor comfort. A Schormand suit is genuine Italian quality wool! The next thing you should look at is where the suit is produced. Production in the East is somewhat cheaper than European producers, and in general the quality is also then. Schormand only produces in Europe. Then we also know for sure that it is produced under proper conditions!