Lars Jacobsen

Lars Jacobsen is a retired Danish international football player, and today he works as an expert for Discovery TV. Lars is one of the most successful Danish football players ever and is one of few players who has achieved playing German Bundesliga, English Premier League and French Ligue 1. He got more than 80 caps for the Danish National football team including both World and European Cup tournaments.

Kasper Fisker

Kasper Fisker is a pro football player currently playing for Brøndby IF. He is known for this left foot and above all a very impressive work ratio on the pitch. He contributed in the Danish cup final when Brøndby won the tournament in 2018.

Michael Gravgaard

Michael Gravgaard is a retired Danish international football player and one of the present owners of Schormand. Since he stopped his active career he also worked as a TV-host presenting the Danish Superliga, and latest he worked as the CEO of Danish Superliga club - Randers FC.

Claus Elming

Claus Elming is a former athlete playing American football and is well known for his passion and love for the American football society in Denmark. He was discovered as an amazing commentator and TV-host which opened doors, and for a decade Claus presented the Danish version of Dancing with the Stars on Danish national TV.

Mikkel Julius

Mikkel Julius is a musician from Aarhus. Since he was a young boy, he had mastered several instruments but it was with a ukulele (a small four-stringed guitar) that he made his way to the finals of the Danish TV-show “Denmark’s Got Talent”. He writes his own songs and when he is not performing, he works at a music school in Aarhus.

Nicolas Kiesa

Nicolas Kiesa is a former Formula 1 driver and he loves everything that has to do with speed and motorsport. Today he is an instructor for i.a. Lamborghini and Porsche, and he works alongside as an expert commentator when TV3 shows Formula 1 on Danish television.

Mikkel Bischoff

Mikkel is known and respected as one of the best football tv-experts in Denmark, working for Discovery Channels. His knowledge is especially about the Danish Superleague and English Premier League as he actually played in both leagues himself for big clubs like Brøndby IF and Manchester City. He is a brilliant communicator with a sharp eye for the detail.

Magnus Bruun

Meet the nicest Viking in the world! Magnus is a Danish actor and he was rewarded with the Reumert Talent Award in 2015, but it is probably as the Danish warlord Cnut in the Viking saga "The Last Kingdom - Season 3" you will get to know Magnus.

Daniel Svensson

Daniel is a former pro handball player and now he works as a tv-expert for Danish TV2. In the last years of his own handball career, Daniel had the fight of his life, not only once but twice he was diagnosed with cancer. He overcame both because he is a fighter with a big heart.